By: Russell
Villains. Antagonists. Evil doers. The Bad Guys. Since my youth, I’ve been fascinated by the villains of all mediums. Why is that? I’m not a bad person. I’m not evil. The answer is simple: It’s entertaining.
Villains are essential to any story because they create the conflict. They give us the reason to care. And in turn, villains can be so well done and so well written that they outshine the shining knight trying to stop them.
You know when a new superhero film is on the horizon, one of the first questions out of everyone’s mouth is “Who’s the bad guy?”. As a comic collector, I gravitate toward issues with whatever villain I’m high on at the time. In video games, it’s always a nice bonus if you get to be the bad guy.
History has given us some truly iconic villains. The Green Goblin, Bowser, The Daleks, Darth Vader, The Joker, the list goes on and on. When the Dark Knight hit theaters, no one was talking about Batman. The Joker was on everyone’s lips. Darth Vader has transcended villain status and become an icon of not only his franchise but cinema.
Now, you might be asking yourself why am I writing this article? Everyone who knows me knows I’m a villain junkie. So why now? Once again, the answer is simple
Flashback to a few years back. The Governor’s reign of terror ends on “The Walking Dead”. The Governor’s story had fascinated me and entertained me, one of the reasons I tuned in every week. But then, it was over. That left a void in me. After awhile, I stopped watching. Nothing could captivate me the way The Governor had. I turned my back on a show I had watched since day one because the flame had died. Until now.
Starting last year, I started hearing rumblings about Negan. Perhaps the greatest villain in The Walking Dead comics was coming to the show. Now, until recently, I hadn’t really kept up with the comics. But the thought of a villain better, badder, and more dominant than Ol’ Philip Blake quenched my thirst. I started researching the character, I bought his first appearance in the comics, I bought the TPB’s of his major arc, and I fell in love as only I can.
Negan has restored my interest in The Walking Dead. That’s truly something for me. I don’t know if that’s just me or what, but a VILLAIN has brought me back into the fold.
Eenie. Meanie. Minie. Mo.