By: Russell

Thanos. The Infinity Gauntlet. This is what every movie since Avengers, nay, Iron Man has been building to in the last 8 years. Thanos in a lot of ways is the be all, end all, for the MCU. But we know these movies will continue, BUT with who?

Thanos is coming.


RDJ, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Ruffalo, and the lot are not getting any younger and storylines are wearing thin. Unlike the comics where you can keep a character the same age forever, actors age. Actors move on. That’s why Marvel is building a new generation. The actor playing Spider-Man just turned 20. If he wanted, he could easily play this character for another 20 years. I think the Spider-Man films are set. Plus we have Black Panther now, and Doctor Strange. Captain Marvel and all the Netflix heroes. But will it be enough? I think in order for Marvel to continue with full steam they need a few things.

“Hey everyone.”



1. Continue to establish new heroes. I don’t think the old heroes should be recast, put over new talent to use a wrestling term. Give us Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Nova, She-Hulk, Angela, etc.

2. Marvel MUST get the rights back to X-Men and the Fantastic Four. I know this is a stretch. Fox has an iron grip on these characters. But people said the same for Spidey, and a deal was struck. The Fantastic Four can rise once again, this time fine correctly. And you don’t even have to recast the X-Men. And not only will heroes come but so will villains. After Thanos, Marvel will be in desperate need of a Doctor Doom, a Kang the Conquerer, A Magneto.

3. STOP killing your villains. Civil War was a good start. Zemo is still alive and could reach his true potential after Thanos is gone. But think of all the other villains gone. No Red Skull, no Makekith, no Mandarin (kinda). Stop killing these villains with so much more to give.

 I love these movies, and I want them to continue forever. What are some of your thoughts? Ideas?