By: Dylan

The lights dimmed, the band started playing, and Sony’s 2016 E3 Conference was underway. The camera panned around as a live orchestra played some ominous music, each note building to something greater, a reveal was underway and it was a big one. When the band stopped, the curtain lifted and we were treated to God of War.

 God of War

The next installment of the God of War series brings us to the world of Norse Mythology. We find an older looking Kratos living a quiet life with his son. The two go out for a hunt and it’s apparent that this isn’t just another hack and slash, it’s an experience. The camera is now positioned in a similar fashion as The Last of Us (Another Sony exclusive) and the pace seems much slower this go around. As Kratos teaches his son to be strong and how to hunt, there’s an overwhelming fatherly feel to this game and it’s something I find refreshing to see in a franchise I long considered to be stale. As they continue through the forest, a few enemies appear and are dispatched with a new combat system that almost mirrors something of Ryse (Xbox Exclusive) Kratos is then challenged by a giant enemy, taking it down with relative ease. It’s apparent that he’s still the Kratos we know, a behemoth of strength, but he seems calmer. Perhaps from age. I’m very excited to see how this story unfolds and if Kratos will be taking on the Norse Gods.


 The Last Guardian

I’m not that familiar with this title and I can’t say it’s one that interests me much but that shouldn’t stop you from looking into The Last Guardian and seeing what you think! Sony showed a new trailer/gameplay and it really seems to play on the bound between boy and…beast…bird. It’s a mostly story of emotions and caring. One that I’m sure many will enjoy.

 Horizon: Zero Dawn

It was shown a bit last year but this year, we received some lengthy gameplay of Horizon. Showing the vast landscape set before us and the struggle of man vs. machine. In the footage, our main character fought against robotic cows and even wrangled an enemy to the ground. The combat looks fluid and it looks like this game is shaping up nicely.


 Detroit: Become Human

David Cage has a knack for setting up stories full of twists and turns. As if he himself is trying to outwit the players. Detroit is no different, as you play as a few different characters, you’ll make choices that effect the entire story. In this trailer, the player was in a hostage situation. Playing the role of negotiator (and also a robotic one at that) you had to somehow save a child from a robot that had malfunctioned. You could choose to shoot him, rush him, talk him down, get shot by him, push him off the roof, and many, many more. It seems like this game will have an immense amount of replay value.


Playstation VR

Sony gave us a good look at some of the VR titles coming out soon. A few confirmed were Batman Arkham VR, Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing, and Final Fantasy XV VR. Not a lot of gameplay was shown at all but it was nice of them to acknowledge that the titles are in development. My main concern however, is that these are going to be short games, almost like arcade titles. If that’s the case, I do not see VR going well for Sony.

 Days Gone

What’s an E3 without a zombie game right? Sony was not about to let you slide by without one this year. Days Gone starts with what looks like a Biker, cruising the highway, and life is good. But the threat of a zombie apocalypse changes everything. Visually looking like a game from Naughty Dog, you set off on a quest of survival. Outwitting and outgunning hoards of the undead, it looks fast paced and high tension. Days Gone was a standout title for me and one that I can’t wait to see more of.


 Resident Evil 7

A trailer began by showing the inside of a decrepit house. A place of poor hygiene and looking to be straight out of Texas Chainsaw. As the player explored the house in a first person view, they were able to pick up various items and get a real sense of isolation. Using photo-realistic graphics, it reminded me of the Playable Teaser that Kojima was working on before its unfortunate cancellation. I believe that’s what they were going for here, picking up where it left off. The trailer ended with the shocking title of Resident Evil 7. Shocking because we had never seen a first person RE game, and never had we seen one with this sort of atmosphere. As a lover of Resident Evil, I can’t wait to see more and learn what this next installment is all about. A demo is actually available if you’re interested in trying it for yourself.  


 The Return of Crash Bandicoot

Years ago, Sony had its own mascot. That’s right, one that was designed to go head to head with characters like Mario and Sonic. Crash Bandicoot. The platforming games hold a special place in the hearts of gamers that grew up playing his games and now you’ll be able to relive those experiences again. Crash is getting a Remastered set of his first three games, created from the ground up (Think Ratchet & Clank Reboot) you’ll get to play all the old levels you loved with a brand new coat of paint. Crash is also taking a seat in the newest Skylanders set, be sure to get your hands on that Crash figure! Truth be told, I’m not a huge Crash fan but it’s a big deal to see him back in the gaming world and I couldn’t be happier for fans.



Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a Spider can. Can he have a new game? Yes he can, don’t be lame, look out here comes the Spider-Man.

That was terrible and I apologize for it. But I won’t apologize that Insomniac (The guys behind Ratchet & Clank) are bringing us a brand new Spider-Man game! It looks to be very open world and Spidey is sporting an interesting costume in this one with a huge white spider in place of the black one.


 Death Stranding

Kojima had an unfortunate falling out with longtime partner Konami. We’ve all heard something about it and it was a pretty bad deal but that isn’t stopping Kojima from making games. In fact, he brought one to E3. A trailer starts with the view of a beach, dead fish, and a naked man lying unconscious with a baby next to him. It’s pretty ominous so far. The man, revealed to be played by Norman Reedus, picks up the baby, only to have it vanish in his arms. He stands and looks on as if he has a purpose to fulfill and that’s all we get. It was a short trailer, it was a strange trailer but a Kojima/Reedus team up is exciting and I can’t wait to finally see what that was all about.


 That about wraps up the Sony E3 2016 Conference. I think they knocked it out of the park this year, delivering a slew of great content and nice announcements.

Thanks for reading!