By: Russell

When the bad guys won


With any story, whether it be movie, video game, comic book, or novel, you can guarantee one thing…good will triumph over evil.


But, that’s not always the case. Sometimes the villain comes out on top. It’s a rare occasion, and usually undermined shortly after, but I give to you 3 times (there are more) the bad guys won


Note: I’m not including movies like Se7en, sticking more toward geek culture


“Search your feelings…you know it to be true..”

-Empire Strikes Back


At the end of the original Star Wars, the heroic rebellion definitely leave with a check mark in the win column. The Death Star’s blown away, Grand Moff Tarkin is dead, and Lord Vader is sent hurdling through space.


The rebels didn’t get off as easy in the second round. Over the course of Episode V, The Empire and Vader devastate our heroes every step of the way. Their base on Hoth is destroyed, they’re betrayed by Lando and tortured, Han is frozen in Carbonite, how could it get worse? Well, it did.


In the epic climax, Vader not only defeats Luke in Lightsaber combat, but he then drops the galactic pipe bomb on him. This leaves Luke both physically and emotionally defeated.


Now of course, Luke and the others live to fight another day, but the wounds from Empire never truly heal.


“I took Gotham’s white knight and I brought him down to our level..”

-The Dark Knight


The Joker wreaks chaos all over Gotham for one reason, he wants to toy with Batman. He says himself he doesn’t want to kill him. That’s one of my favorite tropes in the 75+ history of Batman and The Joker.


Of course, Joker is trying to push Batman to kill him. The caped crusader resists and ultimately saves Gotham’s civilians and prisoners from a fiery explosion. But even with Joker’s Big Bang halted and his imminent imprisonment, The Clown Prince delivers a different kinda bang to The Bat.


You see, Gotham’s true hero was DA Harvey Dent. The White Knight if you will. He’s also Mista J’s Ace in the Hole. Not only was Dent physically scarred (in an explosion that killed Batman’s true love no less) into becoming Two-Face, it was the mental breakdown that really pushed him into super villainy. It just takes one bad day. Of course, if doesn’t end there. Not only did Joker contort Dent into Two-Face, Batman couldn’t save him either.


So we end TDK with Bruce heartbroken, demonized by Gotham for a crime he didn’t commit, and without any allies left. Batman would return sure, but at the end of that Dark Night, Joker had the last laugh


“Mission Report: December 16th, 1991”

-Captain America: Civil War


Helmut Zemo bore absolutely no resemblance to his magenta hooded comic counterpart. He did however accomplish the same goal of sticking it to Cap and the Avengers all around.


While Zemo had nothing to do with the Accords and the rivalry between Rogers and Stark, those seeds were planted all the way back in Age of Ultron, he did add fuel to the fire.


He set up Bucky, killed T’Challa’s dad, and ultimately turned Iron Man against his friend. By the end of the film, the avengers that we know don’t exist. Steve and his followers are outlaws and Tony is left a broken man. I think it’s put best when Zemo is put in his cell at the end he’s asked something to the effect of “How does it feel to lose?”


His response? “Did I?”