As more and more rumors pile up about Sony’s next console, we have to speculate that it’s going to be something big. Known previously as the PS4K or Playstation Neo, a new name is being thrown around and that’s Playstation Forever. What exactly does that mean though?

Real or fake?


Take all of this with a grain of salt as nothing has been confirmed just yet. Recently we’re hearing that the next PS console will be more like a PC than a console. With parts than can be upgraded by Playstation approved hardware components, you’ll be able to slap in a new Graphics Card or Hard Drive into your system. So does this mean you’ll have to be a tech wiz to improve your console? I doubt it. I’m sure the console will be made with hatches that open easily and it’ll be simple for casual and hardcore alike to switch components.

If this rumor holds true then we can clearly see why it would be named “Forever” because they actually want the console to be one that lasts forever. I’m not quite on board with this, if I wanted a PC then that’s what I would have. This sounds too drastic and too messy for a console, not to mention how much difficult it’s going to make things for developers. But I’ll keep an open mind and wait to find out for sure tomorrow.

The next rumor is that it’ll be “The most powerful system to date” This is kind of a given as PS4 is already leading the pack in terms of power, it could only be assumed that the next one would bump the power up significantly. But how long will that lead last with the Xbox Scorpio right around the corner boasting the same thing?

We’ve known about the 4K capabilities for some time now so this isn’t a surprise. Developers are pushing 4K now the same way they were pushing HD back when the PS3 and Xbox 360 first emerged. It’s a great strategy to get consumers to upgrade and seems like the next natural step.

Now another rumor is that there’s something called “Baked-In Playstation Plus” I have no idea what this could even mean. I highly doubt it’s free PS Plus or anything of that nature but still, to have that as a listing is so strange.

I’m very curious to see what the next console from Sony ends up being and we’ll find out the details when they officially unveil it tomorrow in New York. If you’d like to catch the show, tune into Twitch at 3PM EST. We’ll have a follow up story on our thoughts and what was shown.